Mirror on the wall

If people would look at the mirror as long as they watch TV, we wouldn’t have so much trouble. 

The TV poisons our self being. It tells you how you should be, and like that you forget that you are the only one who should decide that. 

Just look at the mirror and question everything you are being told. 

Look at your inner self.

Just question everything. Give your answers to yourself. 

Is everything you’re being told and teached really true? 

Do we really need wars and hate, while everyone could be the World’s hero?

Be the hero. With everyone else. Wash your poisoned character off, let your true character come to rise. Let that come to rise, so we don’t need to get down.

But.. back to the reality. Back to the reality.

We are already down.


Just thoughts #4 10 phrases

Everyone, everything who can think is a human, a living being. That doesn’t mean that everyone can think.

Everyone who says “I love you” is deeply in love. That doesn’t mean that everyone who don’t say that, don’t love you.

Every child who has parents is being and feeling protected. That doesn’t mean that children who don’t have parents, aren’t protected.

Everyone who got the newest gadgets, isn’t poor. That doesn’t mean that everyone who isn’t poor got the newest gadgets.

Everyone who’s living in a country who got all the luxury, snack food restaurants etc. is living a happy life. That doesn’t mean that everyone who lives in a poor country isn’t happy.

Everyone who gets a serious illness will die. That doesn’t mean that every healthy person can’t die.

Everyone who you’re trusting could be a sneaky snake. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have faith in people.

Everyone who has faith in God is a peaceful person. That doesn’t mean that every peaceful person has faith in God.

Every teacher is an example of how we should act and live. That doesn’t mean that everyone who isn’t a teacher, can’t teach something.

Everyone who is surrounded by people isn’t alone. That doesn’t mean that people who are not surrounded by people are alone.