An urgent message

Do you have a feeling like something is wrong, but you can’t name it? Daily events are starting to feel wrong and weird. Yet we have no real explanation for it.

People have been divided for centuries. They should be trusting in each other, but they only trust the system. People are being ruled under the “divide and rule” strategy. They have lost the fate in everything, and became miserable. No matter in what you trust. If you trust in a certain thing, you give that thing your power. The only trust left is the trust in the current system.

People trust the system. But the system doesn’t trust people. By trusting, you give a certain thing power. This means that people are giving the current system power, but are not getting the power back. Which explains why people do feel powerless and miserable. The system can do everything because it is getting power from everyone but doesn’t give anything back.

I repeat. The system can do everything.

Why? Because you trust it.

Do you want an example? Look at current events.

There is only one solution for it. Getting united. All people, should unite. I am not saying that all people should unite against the system or against something else. I don’t even want to include the word “against” in this text. I want to include the words “together, uniting, and love”. I want to believe in us. I do believe in people. And I believe that there are still people who are being revolutionary by not giving up the faith yet. If one of you believers, revolutionaries are reading this, I am calling for you. You are not the only one. Let’s get united!

Quality has no power without quantity.

Quantity has no effect without quality.


Knowledge has no power without practice.

Practice has no effect without knowledge.


So let’s get united! We already started to get unite. Currently we are an international group of 35 people. Do you want to join? Read further.


We are united in a discord server. It is something like a chat server.

Do you already have a discord account? Click on the link:

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FOR PHONE USERS: Download discord app and join the community.

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After you did these things, you can join us via clicking on

See you soon! 🙂 

Kind regards,

Revolutionary Army



It doesn’t matter that people do everything to you, long as you know what you are doing to yourself.

“Everything” could be positive or negative things. It still depends on what you are doing to yourself. The way people act to you, is the way you act to yourself. Invest in yourself, know your value and watch “everything” change as you want.


Obey those who are on a higher level.

Compete those who are on the same level.

Teach those who are on a lower level.

You will get yourself in sh*t if you obey to the wrong, compete to the wrong, and/or teach to the wrong.

So before doing this, be sure and aware of your own and others level.